Our new “state of the art” facility is located in Burlington-Ontario, central to the
Canadian manufacturing sector. Modern Machinery, a new test stand featuring a
30,000 gallon (114 m³) tank and motor drivers rated up to 4500 HP (3350kW) are
key components to our production and testing capabilities. Variable frequency
drives and customized transformers allow testing at any speed and most common
voltage requirements. Our test stand is equipped to handle complete unit testing,
with voltage up to 13.6kV.

CPC’s experience in managing the complete production process for complex and
highly variable requirements benefits our customers by achieving a high rate of
on-time delivery and the ability to meet some of the most demanding fast track
shipments. Combined with unlimited local qualified third party capabilities, CPC’s
production system is constantly expanding to handle steady growth rates and
complex customer requirements.

For the many customers that have visited and audited our manufacturing and
testing capabilities, the CPC production model has proven to be a reliable and
dependable asset; one that is adaptable to meet customer requirements and