Model HM (BB3)

Model: HM (BB3)

Type: Between Bearing
Max Capacity US gpm 4,400
  m³/h 1,000
Max Head ft 7,600
  m 2,300
Max Temperature °F 400
  °C 200
St. Pressure psig 2,250
  kPaG 15,000
Opt. Pressure psig 3,900
  kPaG 26,000

Overview: HM/HMD (BB3) hydrocarbon pump → fully compliant with API 610 requirements:

Operating Parameters:

  • Flow rate in excess of 4,400 US gpm (1,000 m³/h)
  • Differential heads up to 7,600 ft (2,300 m)
  • Temperatures up to 400 °F (200 °C)
  • Standard Design Working Pressure of 2,250 psig (15,000 kPaG)

Standard Features:

  • Wide hydraulic coverage
  • Application tailored hydraulic selections
  • 600/900/1500# flange ratings
  • Available in all API 610 Table H-1, S-4 through D-2 materials
  • Hydraulically opposed impeller arrangement for thrust balancing
  • Single-suction first stage (HM) or double-suction first stage (HMD)
  • Axially split, precision milled parting flanges
  • Split case wear rings and center bushings for ease of maintenance
  • Integral balance line
  • Inpro/Seal bearing housing closures
  • Heavy Duty baseplate, drip rim or drip pan designs

Optional Features:

  • High pressure special casing design
  • Positive retention of impellers in both directions
  • Fan/Heat-sink bearing housing cooling arrangement for operation at elevated temperatures, to eliminate the need for cooling water
  • Magnetic bearing housing isolators
  • All bearing combination arrangements are available where suitable: Ball/Ball, Sleeve/Ball, Tilt Pad/Sleeve

Typical Applications for the HM (BB3) Hydrocarbon Pump:

  • Used for Boiler Feedwater, Water Injection, Amine, and many other applications in the hydrocarbon production and processing industry.