Pump Application
CPC Pumps are in use successfully in all these API Processes, and many more:
• Crude oil transfer
• Pipe line boosting
• Heater Charge duty (Coker units)
• Flare KO Drum
• Molten Sulphur
• Crude oil charging
• Special refinery services
• Hot asphalt transfer
• Vacuum tower bottoms
• Coke-crusher applications
• H.F. acid service
• Sulphuric acid service
• Truck loading in marketing terminals
• Hot Oil Applications
• Cryogenic duties

Heavy Duty Non-API Services that employ CPC Pumps include:
• Hot water boiler circulation
• L.P. boiler feed
• High pressure chemical services
• Gasification liquid transfer / charge
• Liquid Sulphur disposal / transfer
• Mine dewatering
All CPC pumps are manufactured in metallurgy to meet both service requirements and customer specifications.
Pumps in API S-1 through A-8 as well as specialty cast metal can be provided. Our experience includes:
• Duplex stainless steel
• Hastalloy
• Monel cladding
• Hard facing (TMT, Jet-Kote, Nitriding, Boronizing, etc.)
• Titanium
• Ni-Al-Bronze
• Monel
Please consult with your local CPC Pumps expert for guidance on selections and technical