Our trained technicians are available to provide technical or mechanical service to our
customers - worldwide - on short notification.
• Alberta, Canada
• Ontario, Canada
• Singapore
• Texas, USA
Sales and application engineering services are provided at the local level by our network of trained dedicated professionals. These services are available in the following locations:
• Toronto, Ontario, Canada
• Calgary, Alberta, Canada
• Montreal, Quebec, Canada
• Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
• Houston, Texas, USA
• Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
• Dallas, Texas, USA
• Singapore
• Jakarta, Indonesia
• Kuala Lampur, Malaysia
• Seoul, Korea
• Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
• Beijing, China
• Shanghai, China
Spare Parts:
CPC Pumps maintains inventories of parts and materials to provide parts to our customers in the shortest
lead time, in conjunction with our rapid manufacturing program for emergency parts.
Custom made parts are available for all CPC pumps, as well as parts for our legacy
product range including United Pumps of Canada lines.
For more information, click here to contact one of our international sales offices